A Harrier is a unique hunting dog. It is famous for its sweet-tempered nature. It loves the outdoors. Also, it likes to run free. Many people use it to chase hares. Harriers have beautiful coats but need very little grooming. In spite of the many hours spent outdoors, they are not vulnerable to vagaries of weather. They are not susceptible to allergens.


These dogs can leave in any climate. They adapt to new conditions with ease. They have a coat that protects them against the cold. They are comfortable outdoors. They also get used to people fast. Their friendly nature makes them the best dog companion for people. They are sturdy and energetic. They can play and exercise for a long time, especially outdoors.

Speed and Scent

Being fast, they are suitable for hunting. Their keen sense of smell makes them suitable trackers. They can track and maintain a chase for miles. They are good sniffers and very vocal. A harrier will make known when it spots or sniffs prey.


They are cheap to maintain. A harrier’s coat is short and robust. They need very little grooming. They are not susceptible to allergens. They are comfortable outdoors in warm weather. Keep them indoors and warm in cold weather. Choose a bed that is moisture free for their comfort.

Being a warm and friendly dog, it is a suitable pack hunter because it is fast and energetic. The cost of maintaining a harrier is low. It is not difficult to rare because of its high sense of adaptability. Harriers make excellent hunting companions.