Ferrets and Ferreting.

Ferrets and ferreting, the pursuit of rabbits!

The Ferret, a relative of the European Polecat, has a long history of being used for hunting Rabbits. With the Rabbit population increasing rapidly in most parts of the UK, the need for control becomes greater.Ferrets

Ferreting is an efficient and important service of controlling the rabbit population, which has been enjoyed as a sport for many centuries by people from many diverse backgrounds and age groups. It is sometimes the only method available for Rabbit control, as it can be used in areas such as banks and verges adjacent to footpaths and roads.

The Ferreter spreads purse nets over all the holes of a warren.Rabbiting The net has a ring at either end, through which a draw cord is threaded. The draw cord has a peg attached for pushing into the ground. A Ferret is then entered into the warren. The Ferreter is listening and watching continually while waiting for a rabbit to bolt into a net.

Immediately this occurs the Ferreter humanely dispatches the rabbit and resets the net ready for the next bolt.