Harrier hounds are helpful in dragging and hunting. They are extremely lithe and can run quickly. They also have a solid feeling of smell. Their owners usually track together as a team. They form clubs, and take part in hunting and dragging contests. A club can consist of members of the same family or same location.

North Norfolk Harriers Club

The origin of North Norfolk dates back to 1871. They keep white harriers in thd East Anglia region. They hold regular meetings and yearly competitions.


The Wilton Hunt Club

Wilton Hunt club keeps a good number of harriers. They organize fun activities for the members. There are riding activities and hunting expeditions. They also hold burial ceremonies for their hounds.

Northern United Club

The peculiar thing about this club is that they only keep drag hounds. The origin of Northern United goes back to 1921.The club boasts of gabbing many awards for pulling.

Afghan Hound Club

Afghan hound club is in Scotland. The club keeps a variety of dogs. They organize annual big dog events. The club is among the biggest in Scotland. They also offer sponsorship and charity events.

Northern Hunt Club

The club is more of a family affair. They organize monthly meetings where all members of the family attend.

Thames Hare and Hounds Club

The base of the club is in Wimbledon. They also organize running races and competitions every year.

Kerry Park Harriers Club

The club brags of winning many contests. It is an old club. They keep a different breed of hounds.

Clogheen Harriers Club

Clogheen owes its existence to Northern United Harrier Club. They broke away from Northern United.

To summarise, there are many harrier clubs in the United Kingdom. The list is not exhaustive. All the clubs allow members of the public to join them. They charge small registration fees, and believe in teamwork. The clubs organize regular workshops and training for new members.