Hunting is getting less popular. In other places like Great Britain, hunting remains a favorite sport to many people. Fox hunting and hare hunting is still a common practice. There are many hunting clubs and teams. They use horses and harrier hounds in their hunting expeditions. They also organize hunting contests. Most of these contests seek sponsorship from well-wishers. Casinos also offer support to many harrier teams and competitions.

Horgan’s Pub

Horgan’s Pub allows harrier teams to use their facilities for meetings. It is a tradition of the harrier teams to hold monthly meetings. During these meetings, they discuss and make plans for the upcoming hunting contests. They draw a timetable for hunting. Also, they review last hunting experiences.

Crown Aspinalls Casino

Crown Aspinalls Casino is one of the best casinos in London, United Kingdom. Its founder is a man who loved hunting. According to Casino Guardian, Aspinall would use his earnings from the Casino to fund his Zoo. He was a breeder of wild animals. He would use horses and harrier hounds to hunt wild animals.

Napoleons Casino

Harrier hounds owners would stage racing contests. The contests would prove the agility of the harriers. Napoleons Casino sponsors harrier teams by providing racing grounds. In addition, harriers owners also learn how to play blackjack and other casino games. Casino Guardian lists the gambling facility as the third best racing track for hounds.

Casinos play a vital role in harrier contests. They give their support in different forms. It can be in the sort of financial back-up. It can be in the form of providing meeting halls. The sponsorship can also come in the form of giving racing tracks for hounds. Some Casinos allow harrier teams to use their grounds to stage harrier hunting contests. Support may even come in the form of hunting materials and regalia by using short hunting guns and horses’ food.