Hunting is a sport that is becoming less popular. The forest cover is becoming small due to increasing urbanization. There are also strict regulations governing hunting of wild animals. But, hunters in England still observe some traditions related to hunting. Their favorite hunting companions are Harriers dogs.


Hunting as a team remains one of the grassroot traditions in the world of hunting. A hunter cannot go to the jungle alone. There is a specific date set for the hunting expedition. On that day, all the members of the hunting club assemble in one place with their harriers and horses. They then proceed to a specific hunting ground with the hounds taking the lead. They go and come back as a team.

Respect for Harriers

As a tradition, those owning harriers treat them with dignity. They feed them well and give them medicine when they fall sick. A person who mistreats a harrier jeopardizes his club’s membership.

Monthly Meetings

Another tradition of the Harriers’ team is the monthly meetings. The meetings are open to all club members and their families. Adults and children also take part.


It is a tradition of the Harriers team to accord their hounds a decent burial. All members of a club assemble and say last prayers for the departed dog. It is a way of showing the dog some respect. The burial ceremonies occur within the grounds of the club.


Different harrier teams receive awards. The awards are in the form of appreciation. They are a way of recognizing the hard work. It is vital for one to belong to a club. The reason for this is because the awards target clubs. Not individuals.

In summary, these traditions aim to benefit both the hounds and their owners. They are a right way of maintaining teamwork. Observing these traditions helps to keep the hunting spirit alive.