Hash House Harriers have always had a fascinating way life. They are the free-spirits and wild cards of this generation. One may be mistaken to think that it’s all about drinking beer and running but its more than that. There is a bigger picture. It’s all about socializing and belonging. The hash is also about other traditions that the outside world might deem bizarre.

Down Down

The down down ceremony is usually the culmination of the event. This is where individuals are celebrated or punished according to something real that they did or a wrong that was totally made up. It usually involves sitting on a block of ice while the punishments are being dished out.


It is in these circles that the down downs usually occur. Circles are group gatherings that happen at the end of an event. The gathering is chaired by the Chapter Leader and is basically a meeting. Introduction of new members and upcoming events are some of the most popular agenda. People also chat with each other, tell stories, drink and sing drinking songs.


One of the biggest faux pas in the Harriers community is pointing. They consider pointing another individual as being very disrespectful. One should refer to the other by name or any other way, and if pointing is necessary, the elbow should be used. The fingers are a big NO. If caught, a rain of down-downs is imminent.

Hash Cash

For one to enjoy the massive supply of beers, they must contribute to the hash cash. Each event has its own hash cash contribution and they always vary. One can then drink as much as they like until the hash cash runs out.

Hashing is an exciting lifestyle. It is full of fantastic activities and traditions that make life worth living. There is no membership, so anyone can try it out.