The Harrier breed is a type of dog that resembles swollen Beagles but is more prominent than Beagle hounds. Its origin traces back to Great Britain. It has a lifespan of 12-15 years and weighs an average of 45-60 pounds.

Harriers are used mostly in hunting expeditions due to their strong muscles and agility. They are quite vocal creatures that express themselves through barks, moans, whimpers, and grumbles. If you are planning on getting a harrier hound or already own one, here are a few tips on how to take care of these lovely creatures.


Harriers are social creatures that love being around other dogs and people. For best socialization, have them around when you are hanging out with your friends or supervising your kids.


The Harrier breed has a body built for outdoor activities such as hunts and tracking. They like to be taken out for long walks and runs. Harriers need to be exercised every day to prevent them from becoming overweight and hyperactive. If you can, provide them with an ample open space to play in.


Harriers shed the hair on their coats. They need constant brushing to remove the dead hair strands. Weekly brushes and baths are enough to keep them clean and tidy.


Training harrier is easy especially due to their food motivation. They have sharp brains and learn quickly. However, they have an excellent nose that pulls them to intriguing smells. To keep them from wandering into the neighbor’s kitchen or running off towards a pleasant smell, leash them or keep them in fenced compounds.


The only ailments known to affect the harrier breeds are hip dysplasia and eye conditions. However, due to their sturdy nature, they are mostly healthy and don’t get these conditions.

Harrier classic dogs are fun, and they make excellent company. Weekly exercises, hair brushing, baths, and training should keep your hound in sturdy shape and health.