Harriers Classic Dogs have some features of a Beagle, but they are taller and broader. Initially, hunters bred harriers classic dogs to help in hunting in packs. Hunters preferred them due to their extraordinary sense of smell. Their feet enable them to run for hours thus cannot tire quickly. This breed of dogs has complex and unique needs. Here are ways to ensure the harriers classic dogs are well taken care of, are healthy and happy.

Feed Them Well

Harriers classic dogs need to be well fed with high quality and nutritious feeds. It is how well one feeds the dogs that will determine their growth and activeness. One needs to ensure that the dogs feed according to age – from the puppy stage to a full-grown dog. Ensure that the dog has schedules feeding and the portion is right. Feeding Harriers with human food may not be the best option for them.

Potty-Training the Dog

With a scheduled meal plan, dogs one should train dogs on when and where to relieve themselves. Harriers are intelligent and alert, the reason why hunters preferred them over other breeds. Therefore, this dog can undergo training not to use the couch but a “potty” outside the house, when they need to go.

Regular Vet visits

Like most pets, Harriers need to go for regular checkups to stay healthy. The age and the general health of the dog determine the frequency of the vet visits. Initial visits are for ensuring that the dog gets the required vaccinations. These visits also guarantee a start in the record of the dog’s health. Other visits may include those scheduled for injections or during illnesses and emergencies.

Getting a dog seems fun but one needs to be responsible enough to ensure the dog stays healthy and happy. Harriers classic dogs have unique needs. Thus, individuals need to research a lot to ensure the dogs get the best care.