Harriers are fun to have around. However, most owners have a hard time trying to ensure that the dogs are safe and healthy. This is primarily due to the hyper movement of the dogs. With the three harrier team’s tips below, you will be able to ensure its safety.



Make Sure the Harrier Has a Collar

In some locations, the dog may be legally required to have a collar. However, even where it is not compulsory, it is essential to ensure that the dog always has one. The collar shows that the dog has an owner. Additionally, you will have a way to restrain the harrier from unnecessary movements. It will also provide room to place an address tag, in case it gets misplaced.

Never Leave the Harrier in Your Car

Harriers, like other dogs, tend to overheat in high temperatures. For this reason, leaving the dog in the car, especially when the vehicle is unattended, is dangerous. This should be avoided even on a cooler day, as the car will act as a greenhouse to the harrier. Whenever you leave the dog in the vehicle, ensure that you open the car windows.

Train for Recall

Harriers are intelligent and fast learners. By taking advantage of their intelligence, it is possible to rescue the harrier when they may be in trouble. Train them with voice commands that you can control them with, when in danger. This will help them return to their owner, even when they have wandered away and heard the command.

Harrier dogs are interesting and fun to own. However, taking care of them and ensuring they are always safe and healthy, is easier said than done. With the right tips, it is possible to ensure that the harriers are safe. Follow the three harrier tips above to make things easier!