Based in Worcestershire, England, Harriers FC runs under the management of John Eustace. It plays in the National League. Although it does well, it is still not among the best football clubs in England. According to Harriers, the following teams in England are the richest, ranked from one to six.


Manchester United

With its worth standing at 13.3 million dollars, the Red Devils never disappoint. United has won many cup finals thanks to its managerial and result-oriented players. Manchester United’s large source of income is always a result of sponsorship deals e.g. with Adidas.

Manchester City

The Abu Dhabi owned team has a net worth of 392.6 million dollars. It has a women’s team; Manchester City women. Having evolved from a humble beginning to the big team it is today, City is the team to watch out. TV deals have seen it grow.


Wenger’s team comes at the third position. Matchday revenues are the greatest contributor to its income. Selling off its signed jerseys is also a contributor. In addition to that, leasing out players has contributed to its growth.


Here come the Blues. Chelsea at one time found its name on the Forbes List during the soccer teams’ valuations. Its value was 1,845 million dollars at position 7. Having won against many of their opponents, Chelsea is worth 334.6 million dollars.


English league compared to Italian league, attracts investors. This is the major source of income for most football clubs in London. Liverpool’s worth is 302 million dollars.


The Spurs’ worth lies at 209.2 million dollars. Its sources of capital include loans with favorable interest rates and sponsorship.

Harriers FC, unlike these teams, isn’t very established. As it continues to grow, it will attract potential sponsors and investors.It will be able to bag many TV deals.